I wanted to take the opportunity to quickly update you guys with progress on the project. I’ve already spoken with some of you on a 1-to-1 basis via Telegram, but I wanted to provide a group update as a few weeks have now passed.

As we all know, the crypto markets have taken a significant downturn. Some people are crossing their fingers that this is a temporary blip, and that prices will start recovering very soon. Others are less optimistic, and feel that we are now very much in a bear market. …

Hi all, I wanted to provide a progress update on where the project is right now. As you may know from the Telegram channel (https://t.me/esr_marketing) progress was slowed down somewhat. This was a combination of things. Firstly, we’ve switched developers multiple times, and each time this happens, it takes a while for the new developer to get up to speed, analyze and interpret the previous developers code, and also understand the direction of the project. So each time this adds in some delay. Also we experienced multiple issues with the HPB main-net RPC connectivity. …

It’s been a while since the announcement of the Bibox exchange listing in the Telegram group, and I appreciate some of you will be wondering what’s happening.

We received the contract offer on April 22nd….

I have to admit that when I first received a copy of the contract it was very exciting! We’d been offered the opportunity to list on a well-known exchange, that also happens to list HPB, and considering we are a new startup, it was incredibly encouraging to see the exchange reaching out to offer to list our token.

We’ve discussed the listing in the advisory…

Fantastic news guys, the official token of esportsref.com, ESR, is now available to trade on https://mytrade.org

Now for those of you who are new to trading on a DEX, I thought it was worth providing a very quick user guide to get you started.

Firstly, one of the clear distinctions between trading on a standard “centralized” exchange (CEX) such as KuCoin or Bibox, versus trading on a “Decentralized” exchange (MyTrade) is that with a centralized exchange, you are trading with the exchanges “pooled” wallet. Th wallet is shared amongst many other users on the exchange, and is not a private…

It’s Wednesday 21st April and the ESR token pre-sale is now finished!

The pre-sale ran for a total of 5 days, and for the first 3 days, nobody even knew what this project was about, yet people still chose to invest. I am truly humbled by this and will remain forever grateful, as this will hopefully one day prove to be a key turning point in many of our lives!

15.5m ESR tokens sold, which equates to 1.55m HPB coin. Considering that HPB is still relatively unknown to many (We will change this!) that’s quite astonishing!

Now some of the…

You can view our exciting launch video on YouTube!


esportsref is an industry-disrupting blockchain DApp that allows players to compete against each other for crypto on ANY game, on ANY device.

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